Where to buy Geoduck

Geoduck from Canada is available in various fish markets and restaurants in B.C., as well as direct order. We work with nine different suppliers based in B.C. to supply North America, Asia and international markets.

Geoducks are harvested by divers who work from vessels in remote areas along the coast of British Columbia from the southern tip of Vancouver Island to the Alaskan border.

Contrary to what most people believe, geoducks are not held in water during transport. In the wild, geoducks live in intertidal waters to depths of 30 metres or more.  As intertidal animals, geoducks can survive for a number of days out of the water if kept cool and moist. During transport or when exposed, geoducks close their siphon to seal in moisture and wait for the tide to rise.

Geoduck harvest areas are highlighted in green

Geoduck from Canada has established many guidelines to ensure all of the buyers that they are purchasing a product that is safe to eat and meets the UHA’s high standards of quality. Accordingly, the UHA works in collaboration with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and our service provider Archipelago Marine Research to maintain stringent guidelines to make certain that “Market Approved” product has been sent to the marketplace.

When geoducks are harvested, they are stacked into cages with plastic liners in between each layer for protection. Each Geoduck from Canada cage is tagged with the following information:

  • name of vessel
  • licence tab number
  • vessel registration number 
  • harvest date
  • area, sub-area and geoduck management area
  • location of catch
  • common name of the product 

After the geoducks are harvested, Archipelago Marine Research, an independent third-party service provider, validates the weight of all geoducks and the information is recorded. The information is recorded on (DFO) approved Geoduck and Horse Clam Validation and Harvest Logbooks. A copy of the entry in the logbook must accompany the product to the federally registered processing plant. Off the boat, Geoduck from Canada can only be purchased by a federally registered processing plant. This process ensures that any Geoduck from Canada product can be traced back to the exact time and location of harvest.

Geoduck from Canada is a wild, organic seafood product. There will be differences in geoduck size, shape, and colour. We’ve developed a ‘grade guide’ to help consumers and suppliers discuss quality and price from a common reference.

Each geoduck will feature variances in:

  •  Overall size
  •  Siphon colour
  •  Siphon size/length
  •  Siphon shape
  •  Siphon density
  •  Shell colour
  •  Shell size
  •  Shell thickness