Preparing Geoduck

West coast seafood salad

Winner: Seafood Cooking Competition, Hong Kong (2007)

Many chefs choose to serve Geoduck from Canada raw in sushi or sashimi, to showcase its highly desirable flavours and texture. Alternatively, other favoured preparation methods include sautéed, stir-fried or cooked in a traditional hot pot.

The 4 main geoduck cuts

Siphon slices

the thinnest cut is best for sashimi, hotpot, ceviche, and salad

Thick cut siphon slices

This cut is best for chowder and stir fry

Siphon batons

This cut is best for chowder and stir fry

Body slices

The thickest cut and is best for grilled skewer and chowder

Watch the four geoduck cuts for sashimi, chowder, and stir fry

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